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Posted on 2006.05.17 at 11:13
today i am feeling:: contentcontent
song currently playing:: i got you under my skin - frank sinatra
so prom = 9 days
dress - check
dress altering - need to do!
afterprom outfit - check & its so cute
seaside clothes - i could use more
hairappointment - check
makeup - check
shoes - kindof check

now the expenses:
$45 - afterprom - check
$150 - prom ticket - check
$200 - limo - gina didnt collect yet
$65 - makeup - will pay that day
$112-$200 depending on who deffinitly goes for hotel - still need to do
$250 - spending money at seaside
$70 - hair
$50 - nails, toes, eyebrows

i think i covered it .. prom is so freakin expensive man! ughhh lol
but i cant wait
i hope he comes to seaside<3
as of now its an i dont know but he told me & gina he really wanted to go
i hope he does like you have no idea

anyway yea so prom haspretty much been the thing on my mind.

im sick today & yesterday .. fevers & throat cold. wooohoooo =) lol i like being sick for some reason but i miss the poeple at school cuz i love them

i hope taylor gets kicked off idol

im listening to aol radio & nick lachey's insanely sexy voice is singing whats left of me<3 jessica you are an idiot cuz he is amazing<3

as you can see im bored & ranting & being random but i find it quite funny

grey's anatomy season finale = OMG! when does it come back on cuz i cant wait! it was just so omg!! & i think i am in love with alex more than ever. & george really grew up .. i love him too .. but yea omg it was just amazing
24 - season finale is next week ,should be amazing cuz this season was just also omg amazing thrilling frustrating awesome
lost - season finale i believe 2 weeks from now - read above, cuz same applies
house - same as above, but i think finale is 2 weeks from now too
desperate housewives - eh.. season finale next week but this season was eh
o.c. - compared to greys, house, 24 & lost, its like a baby show haha but  i still love it
american idol - if taylor wins i will die
yea i am a loser & watch a lot of nitetime tv. but i love it so .. so what

i watch 2 soaps too. passions & all my children. i love them
i hope i can watch all these shows in college. cuz i dont want to not watch them. i will go out after or tape them haha. wow i am a true tv-fanatic. but i like to watch tv. is that a crime? i mean im not a hermit loser that sits in the house .. i only watch tv at night on weeknights when i cant go out anyway & wheni come home from school for like an hour so.. whats the big deal. tivo has been a big part of my watching-tv-more-often-ness. but i love it. its like i can escape to wherever they are. i like that feeling. sometimes i want to get away from reality. reading does that for me too.  & you know what i am a nerd & am proud

in other news .. yankees are simply amazing because:
they were down 9-0, then down 10-5, than caught up & then lost it again & were trailing 12-11 & then won it 14-13 cuz they are so amazing & jeter hit a 3 run homer, a double & other hits & he is so amazing & the epitome of how the game should be played. what a hotass <3 lol & omg mussina deserves a <3. hes like their best pitcher at the moment. RANDY JOHNSON YOU ARE NOT GOOD RIGHT NOW. matsui come back i miss you. bernie & posada & mo <3 damon i think is cute =) a-a-rod annoys me ..not gonna lie .. bubba crosby is also a cutie ..
in college i cant wait to watch the baseball games with the guys. ahh thats gonna be fun! & i hope i have some redsox fans as friends so we can rival! wooo! & i hope im the only girl who likes baseball so i can have the boys to myself haha but that wont happen.

anyway i cant wiat to start working (even if it is at sia camp, 5 days a week getting up at the crack of dawn) cuz i saw mucho things at jcrew & gap that i want now! & i cant wait to spend my own moola.

im not listening to aol radio anymore cuz i got a sudden urge for frank sinatra so now my favorite song of him is on - too marvelous for words =) such an old soal i am. yay for that. the other day good vibrations was on the radio & my friend was like "who sings this" & im like OMG YOUR FREAKIN JOKING RIGHT? but she wasnt. im like ITS THE BEACH BOYS YOU IDIOT - & the other day ticket to ride came on the radio & thats one of my favorite beatles songs & my friends were like WHO & WHAT IS THIS!? im like OMG YOU STUPID HEADS! i was like insulted that my friends didnt know them lol .. jeez. & they never heard strawberry fields forever, my other favorite beatles song .. but kristen has & she loves the beatles like me & on the way to the play every weekend we'd lsiten to them in the car. i love kristen lots. & liv. they are awesome.

i've got youuu under my skin is on now.. ive got you deep in the heart of meeeeee so deep in my heart that your really apart of meeeee .. ive got youuuuuuu under my skin<3 haha

anyway yea i will stop this ranting & will go on to bigger & better things. 

or voire =)

Posted on 2006.05.06 at 11:46
i love the cast sea's les mis so much & i had the most amazing 2 weekends & the 2nd isnt over yet & i dont want it to be & i love everyone & i wish it could go on forever!

Posted on 2006.04.15 at 11:48
today i am feeling:: hungryhungry
song currently playing:: the beatles - strawberry fields forever
sooo .. last night i got sick at gina's & then felt better & then got sick here  & hten went to sleep. i think i know the cause of that. cuz i've been feeling nauseous the past few days. actually i think its "causes" cuz there could be 2 things.

so i cant wiat till college lets out already! for summer break. ugh i need that too happen very soon. i also need prom/seaside to come. or i will go insane from sickness over here lol.

i need something to occupy my mind with other then these thoughts. ugh i cant get them out of my head for 1 second. i fall asleep thinking of this thought, wake up thinking of this thought, & spend the day thinking of this thought. i need help. actually no .. cuz this is the 1st time i think i felt like .. this strong ughhhhhhhh i have met the one who got me to really like someone. 

& i know nothing will happen cuz my luck with these sorts of things is either bad or nonexistent. & plus we are all 'loved' (he says that alot oll .. how he loves us) as friends lol. so .. but you know i really love hanging out with him as a friend too... ughhh this is frustrating. lol so thats all =\

Posted on 2006.04.14 at 02:13
today i am feeling:: frustratedfrustrated
wow i hate liking people a lot that its all you think about.
i hate it that your probably the only one with the liking between the 2 people.
i hate that he is everything that i want & probably wont like me beyond our friendship, which i love.


Posted on 2006.03.18 at 00:17
so my great, amazing, awesome, best friends who i all love .. got me (& them but for me as a suprise), for my birthday, TICKETS TO TRL!!!!!!!!  i cant wait & im so excited & i love my friends<3333333

well this was just to appreciate (& slightly brag about .. hehe i cant resist, sorry guys) my birthday & friends =)



Posted on 2006.03.02 at 21:34
today i am feeling:: sadsad
my poor david radford got voted off tonight! im so sad! he was my favorite male! ahhhhhhhh i miss him already =(

Posted on 2006.02.27 at 15:45
i decided to give up carbs for lent. besides giving this up for Jesus, i am giving it up for myself. i did it for 2 weeks over the summer but now this is for 40 days & the only thing that i know will get me through is that it is for Jesus & heaven (the results are not enough, sadly) i know that sounds so stupid & whatever but for some reason knowing that i am giving up something i really love for lent makes me want to do it.

so yea between no carbs & 3-4 days a week at the gym, by easter i will be nice & skinny hopefully.

p.s. my friends think they wanna do it to but i have a feeling that christina will be the only one comeing close to sticking with it (besides me, & im sticking with it!)

Posted on 2006.02.11 at 09:35
today i am feeling:: blahblah

wow what a nighttttttttt!!

last night we made plans to drink & we were havin poeple over & everything. we were gonna go to ali's dad's house since he wasnt home. so we are all there & then she comes & says she cant find the key. so now its me christina gina ali & daniela & then 8 boys. so we go to the huose & the boys .. ok they CLIMB up the side of the house to a window & try to open the window. & all the while we are standing there laughing & omg-ing cuz the house is on arthur kill & people could see this. so we dont get in but we go to ali's mom's house. so we are there & we start drinking & we play circle of death & never have i ever & some weird dart game. so now we are drunk. not wrecked drunk but pretty drunk. well 1 kid was wrecked drunk. so 1st off all the boys were trying to touch our boobs & decide they like mine the best so i was the target for the night. it was real annoying. & then chibo (boy) tried to get me to flash them but i didnt. so then we were all sitting on the couch & it was danny gina christina stripes (<- thtas what i caled him since he had stripes on his shirt) & me were alll squished on one couch laughing, talking, jumping on each other .. it was fun. & stripes said i had beautiful eyes <3 haha & danny was hot & he was teaching me those boy handshakes but i dont really remember them. & then sarah, tom, jenn & 2 of her friends stopped by & laughed at me gina & chris lol & then we went outside & we were just messing aruond out there & having fun & then ali's brother came out & yelled at us really bad so we went in & then the 5 of us that were on the couch went back on it & went back to talking & laughing <- that was fun & then ali said that her mom was coming home & that the boys had to leave but i think it was a lie cuz her brother probably wanted them out & plus the mom didnt come home till like an hour later. so we went outside & hugged the boys goodbye .. & then since stripes came separate we sat in his car for like 2 hours & just talked & sobered up. he is a very laid back dude. as is danny. so then we had to go inside & then we fell asleep on the couch at like 5 am lol

at 9 i drove gina to work & plus we had to leave cuz ali & chris had dance. so now i am here, slightly hung over =)

& oh what a fun night it was

Posted on 2006.01.30 at 12:23
today i am feeling:: tiredtired
song currently playing:: daniel powter - bad day

so yesterday me gina christina jenn ali & her boyfriend all went to see annapolis (me & christina's 2nd time) james franco is beautiful. then after that we went our separate ways cuz ali, her b/f & chris had to go home. so me gina & jenn went to go get some ice cream but coldstone & carvel were closed so we went to the dunkin donuts by the atrium drivethrough. they got allll our orders screwed up but whatever. so then we see these kids. they were maybe no older than 15 or 16. so its like 10 so we decide to have fun with them lol. so we go park on the opposite side & i poked my head out of the sunroof & screamed. i was like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. so then they come over & the fat kid lifted up his shirt. gross. & was like you like fat kids ? i have a small penis. ew. lol so we were all laughing cuz we were wondering why we were bothering with these weirdos. so one of them goes you 2 girlls in the front (me & gina) are deffinitly on something. & i was like BINGO lolol & hes like you got anymore & i was like NO WE SOLD THE REST lolol & then i was like SORRY BOYS WE GOTTA RUN WE ARE ON A TIGHT SCHEDULE lol so we went to get gas & then we had to go back to the dunkin donuts drivethrough to get ginas family stuff so they came back & we were laughing at everythjing they said so they were like FINE WE DONT WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU GUYS ANYMORE & i gave  him like a bitch face (i was kidding)  & they were like NO NO WAIT IM SO SORRY I DIDNT MEAN IT & i was like SURE so we drove to the exit & they jumped the fence & came to my car & the fat one lifted his shirt again & was like touch it & i rolled up the window & drove away. it was funny. then we went back to ginas & then jenn left & i slept over & we watched the food network bread challange (so amazing & saturday night was the bday cake one, also amazing) cuz she has foodnetwork on demand & then we watched like 8 sex & the city episodes since she has hbo on demand. & then we had some very serious / good talks. & then at like 530 we finally went to bed.

so yea tomorrow is back to school. blah. & i need new notebooks. & im going to eat cuz im famished

Posted on 2006.01.25 at 10:27
math midterm today.....

out of all 3 i took so far - i believe i failed all 3 =(

midterms suckkkkkkkkk

Posted on 2006.01.23 at 16:57


Posted on 2006.01.19 at 14:44
1 midterm down, 4 to go =)

Posted on 2006.01.08 at 19:52

my review ..Collapse )

Posted on 2006.01.08 at 11:50
today i am feeling:: contentcontent

friday me & christina saw casanova. it was so cute/good/funny. i love it & i think i'm seeing it again with gina, don't know when though. but yea heath ledger is beautiful, as is sienna miller. & wow the movie was so good. lol. before the movie we went to dunkin donuts & sat in my car for a little, then went to the movie. on the way home we had some very good convos.

& i forgot, friday was also the play tryouts. me, glor, christina, sarah & kris had the 1st slot. kris sung/acted alone & then it was me/glor & chris/sarah for the dialogue (i thought i didn't do that bad) & then we all sung together (- kristen) we dont really want a big part, we just wanna be in it (kris wants a big part though). then i had to tutor some girl in spanish for nat'l honors society. fun. but the audition was really fun. & the waiting around for it was really fun lol.

yesterday me & christina went to barnes & noble & browsed around. we saw divine comedy, inferno & purgatorio. i was tempted to buy them but they were like $20 each. we are reading the divine comedy in school but it only had parts of it in the textbook. in b&n they have the whole divine comedy, complete with all the 3 canticles (inferno, purgatorio & paradiso) & all 100 cantos plus notes in the back. that was i think more than $20. i really want it though. what a nerd i am =) but i reallly enjoy reading stuff like that, ancient greek/roman literature & stuff (although divine comedy is the middle ages i believe.. since it was written in 1300 ad) i am really looking foward to taking courses that have to do with this kind of lit.

after b&n me & chris came back here & watched pirates of the caribbean & played harry potter scene it & watched some orlando boom & heath ledger interviews lol. we are seriously the same person. she is exactly me. & we danced in my room with the ipod speakers =) then we went to ginas & stayed there till we had to go home.

in 26 mins i'm going to church. then at 1:20 me & mom are gonna see brokeback mountain, another heath movie =) everyone who saw it loved it. we wanna see all the oscar movies anyway lol, like we did last year.

anyway so next week, the 13th, we are seeing tristen & isolde. so far it seems it willl be just me & christina again but who cares lol we are the only hopeless romantics without love anyway lol. i am so looknig forward to that =) (james franco<3)

Posted on 2005.12.31 at 17:30
happy new years eve =) this is the last day of 2005 woooooo

confess that in 2005 i...
(x) stayed single
( ) got your first kiss
(x) kissed someone new
( ) made-out for the first time
( ) made-out in/on a car
( ) kissed in the snow
( ) kissed in the rain
( ) fell in love
( ) fell in love with a fool
( ) had your heart broken
( ) broke someone else's heart
( ) had a stalker
( ) had a good relationship with someone [for a while]
( ) got head
( ) questioned your sexual orientation
( ) came out of the closet
( ) gotten pregnant
( ) gotten someone else pregnant
( ) had an abortion
( ) gotten married
( ) had a divorce
( ) had a gay marriage
( ) kissed someone of the same sex
( ) dated someone you'll never forget
( ) done something you've regretted (relationship-wise)
( ) lost your true love
( ) lost faith in love
( ) kissed under miseltoe

( ) got a promotion
( ) got a pay raise
( ) changed jobs
( ) lost your job
( ) quit your job
( ) dated a co-worker
( ) dated your boss
( ) dated your boss' daughter/son
( ) got fired from your job
(x) got straight A's
(x) met one teacher you really like
(x) met one teacher you really hated
( ) found the subject you love
( )failed a class
( ) cut class
( ) skipped school
( ) got into a fight with a classmate
(x) did something you were proud of
(x) discovered a new talent
(x) gave the teachers a reason to teach
(x) proved yourself an idiot
(x) embarassed yourself in front of the class
( ) fell in love with a teacher
( ) got lead in the school play
( ) made a varsity team
(x) were involved in something you'll never forget

( ) painted a picture
( ) wrote a poem
( ) ran a mile
(x) listened to music you couldn't stand
(x) double-dipped
(x) skinny-dipped
(x) went to a sleepover
( ) went to camp
( ) threw a surprise party
(x) laughed till you cried
(x) laughed till you peed in your pants
(x) flirted shamelessly
( ) visited a foreign country
(x) visted a foreign state
( ) cooked a disasterous meal
(x) lost something important to you
(x) got a gift you adore
(x) realized something new about yourself
(x) went on a diet
( ) tried to gain weight
( ) dyed your hair
( ) came close to losing your life
(x) someone close to you died
(x) went to a party
(x) drank alchohol
(x) drank alchohol underage
( ) did (a) drug(s)
(x) got drunk
( ) got arrested
(x) read a great book
(x) saw a great movie
( ) saw a movie so scary that it made you cry
(x) saw your favorite band/artist live
(x) saw someone famous in person
(x) did something you want to tell everyone
(x)Enjoyed this year overall

wow my love life suckssssss lol but this was a good year, i made my college, did awesome in my 1st quarter of senior year which i love, really became close with my friends, went on 2 vacations, visited many colleges, had a gazillion sleepovers, was in my school play, got into the nat'l honors society, met new people & just had fun.

enjoy the new years =)

p.s. tonight i'll be at gina's to ring in the new year! woooooo

Posted on 2005.12.23 at 14:27
today was my last day of school. i miss it !

Posted on 2005.12.14 at 19:36
today i am feeling:: ecstaticecstatic


Posted on 2005.12.13 at 19:55
today i am feeling:: coldcold

so the dane cook show was totally, totally, totally awesome. i never laughed so hard in my life! i mean i loved him a lot before this show, i mean i've been listening to him for like a little over a year now, danielle you know how much i love him lol, but i think yesterday my love like rose haha. hes just so funnnnyy!! even the comedian who went before him was funny! wow it was seriously the best show ever. me & glor were quoting him all day today lol. i miss it haha.

anyway so today i got my 1st flat tire. most likey from a pothole. cuz seriously they are ALL over staten island cuz our roads reallllly suck. so i'm driving to glor's house this morning. i dont really feel it cuz i went down the  joline to jacob shortcut which was icy & stuff. but then i picked her up & like 5 seconds later on page ave glor was like OMG VAL YOUR TIRE IS FLAT. so we drvie back to her house. rich (dana's bf) comes out & takes a look at it. he parks it & then drives us to school. so after school we call onstar from my car & they send a guy to change the tire , well actually put a donut on cuz that's what i had. so he takes off the tire & looks at it & the dumb rim is like bent or something. grrrrrrr. but the parentals arent mad. well my dad's deff not but i think my mom is annoyed. (not surprised)

anyway yea so friday for liv's bday me, glor & liv are going to that new restaurant by annadale diner. wooo & then we are seeing "the family stone." i wanna see that so bad. has such an AWESOME cast. & rachel mcadams is in it<3 & the guy from friends who played gavin<333

saturday im going to danielles =)

& 2 days till my early decision results. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Posted on 2005.12.10 at 13:06

so last night was funn. me & glor went to barns & nobles for the cook lydia's booksigning but turns out she is gonna be there monday, not yesterday. anyway so we decided for one of our christmas gifts to buy each other a book, since we both love to read. so we did & i bought an extra one for myself. good books =) then we went to the little starbucks & got hotchocolate for me, cranberry juice for glor & a cinnabun to share. then i started getting an allergy attack. it was funny. but i caught it sort of in time & it wasnt as bad as it could of been , but it was still like normal. lol. so i took 1 benadryl for when i caught it but it didnt really get that better so we went to cvs by b&n to get more cuz i didnt have anymore & i walked in & i needed to go to the bathroom czu when i get allergy attacks i get stomach aches & so this big black guy was like YES RIGHT AWAY! ARE YOU OK!? ARE YOU SURE?! DO YOU NEED ANYTHING?! & i was like im fine thanks haha & the store was like closing but he gave me a benadryl anyway. how nice! so then i tried to drive home, well i did but it was a bit hard considering that i couldnt really breathe. then we went back to glors & we talked all night with dana & rich. actually just rich cuz dana fell asleep. hes a very very nice dude.

today = sarah's bday w/ friends. woooo.

monday = dane cook w/ glor. woooo

today in the daytime harry potter & the sorceror's stone comes on at 4:30 on abcfamily. i shall watch that. they were so cute.

anyway that's all




merry christmas merry christmas, the joy that we bring!

Posted on 2005.12.09 at 15:55
today i am feeling:: coldcold
song currently playing:: christmas musica =)

hey hey hey. happy snowday kinda even though its sunny out & the snow is like melting!

im listneing to chritmas music & my fave one is on, the one we sang/played at christmas eve MERRY CHRISTMAS MERRY CHRISTMAS THE JOY THAT WE BRING! haha i love it.

anyway tomorrow , well actually today, is sarah's bday but we are doing something for it tomorrow. we havent really decided but all i know is that after whatever we are doing, we are like sleeping over gina's. wooooooo. i love them <3 we're gonna make her a cake & pig out & stuff. & go to food shopping for piggy food. & i will walk in the grocery store with gina's mom's HUGE reading glasses again. when i did it the 1st time, the people in the store were lookking at me funny it was hilarious. i love doing funny stuff like that. & it was like after we saw harry potter (for me like the 3rd time lol) & i had post-its all over me that said "HELLO MY NAME IS VALENTINA WEASLEY! I LIVE IN THE BURROW, LOCATED SOMEWHERE IN ENGLAND!." it was late & we were a bit buzzed haha.

so tonight me & glor are going to barns & noble. wooo. i love that place. & we are giong to the book signing of the cook (lydia) & auther of the cook book aunt theresa gave me. we are gonan sit & read & drink hot chocolate. so good. in the place i love with my best friend. =)

my house is 62 degrees. thanks to that idiot tenant that moved out like 3 days ago. i hate her. she shut the damn heat off for the whole house. & shes not even here anymore. now all of us have to suffer.

so anyway 6 more days till college results. i had another dream that i made it, which makes that 4 in total. i hope its true.

my mom got my contacts last night thank god. i was lost without them. i had to wear my weak glasses to schol the whole week. last saturday me & glor were going out & like the stupid left contact (which was my last pair that i have been wearing for like 5 weeks lol) ripped in half. one half fell out but the other went alllllll the way up my eyeball. it was very painful/uncomfortable/itchy/scary. glor got it out but it took like 20 mins to find the thing & 4 people to find it lol ; glor, dana, rich (dana's bf), & maria (vincent's gf). it was very embarrasing to lol. but it got out.

so yea im done ranting.



hello strangers!

Posted on 2005.12.07 at 22:03
today i am feeling:: ditzyditzy

yo yo yo. long time no see/write/whatever lol.

i love my life. i love senior year. i love my friends. i love that we can all drive.

anyway yes my life has been going rather well. except this week i got an economics test back & i got a 66. that's my only bad-bad grade of the year so far. horrible! but seriously that test was murderous. like 2% was in our notes. everyone did bad. glor got a 52 & liv got a 56. & we all studied together for awhile. grrrr. but today i think i got 100 on my test, hopefully.  oh & im back on track for math again, 55/55 on my test which thankfully brings up my formally not-so-great avg. but im doing awesome in english & oceanography.

today in speech mrs. black-tooth-annoying teacher told us our new speech. its a group project. we got to pick our groups, groups of 3's. mine's melissa & john. & we picked our topic: Disney World. wooooo! thank you me! me & melis are gonna dress up as tourists & stuff & john as goofy (couldn't get him to do mickey & he claims that he is "losing his dignity" by us making him dress up haha, but its all in good fun). we are gonna talk about each park. we get 2 each. i have magic kingdom & animal kingdom, melis has epcot & mgm, & john has typhoon lagoon & blizzard beach. its gonna be great. we perform dec. 16. cant wait.

im doing a group project for oceanography but we didnt get to pick our groups. mines sucky but the good thing is i got to control everything & im not even the leader. i should be.

im also doing a group project in economics. on stocks. its my fave group, me glor & liv. our team name is "VOG Project," pronounced vog not V-O-G, its as a word, not the individual letters. so far we have 7/7. wooo.

in english we are watching troy since it goes with what we are learning. actually it goes with what we will read over christmas break. I LOVE MYTHOLOGY. i really do. its so facinating/interesting.

so religion classes lately have been scaring me. as she says it (my teacher), everyone i know, including me, is going to hell.

& i must say i love school & again, senior year.

so i was at ginas today since like after school but we were watching a movie & was falling asleep & decided to drive home (this was like 30 mins ago lol) then so i dont fall asleep on the road. now im wide awake. how annoying. whatever i was there for a good 6 hours.

saturday we are going out for sarah's bday. yay.

monday (12th) im going to the dane cook show <333 with glor. cant wait cuz i LOVE LOVE LOVE him.

thursday (15th) i find out if my future is vested in franklin & marshall. PLEASE GOD LET ME BE ACCEPTED.

tomorrow i have NO school cuz of immaculate conception (when MARY was conceived) which = MUCHO SLEEP for me. yayay. & its supposed to snow tomorrow night which might mean 4 day weekend & more MUCHO SLEEP for me. i am deeply in love with sleeping late.

anyway, thats basically it. so, here's my overdue update.

Posted on 2005.11.19 at 12:01


& i really love ron <3 & this is the best harry ever looked.

me & kris were on the edges of our seats the whole time even though we knew what was happening & i read the 4th book like a week before the movie. it was just so good!

i cant wait to see it tomorrow! & with danielle. & with my other friends if they want lol.

wow i just love it<3

Posted on 2005.11.18 at 19:52
today i am feeling:: giddygiddy

HARRY POTTER & THE GOBLET OF FIRE is officially out!!!!!

me & kris : 9:30 tickets =)

me glor & my sister : sunday tickets =)

danielle, next weekend im drivin to jersey & WE'RE GOINGGGGGGGG!

Posted on 2005.11.15 at 18:53
today i am feeling:: bouncybouncy


EMP - 93
PRE-CAL - 93

Posted on 2005.11.12 at 19:59
today i am feeling:: tiredtired


so last night i ended up going to ginas. then we went to the little cafe with alison & her b/f who i met for the 1st time. hes puerto rican & like 20 & i seriously thought that i would so disapprove & be annoyed that hes there but he actually is the nicest kid ever & really funny & not that puerto ricanish lol. then they left & me & gina wnet & got liv. then we went to my house till 12. then i drove liv home & gina home but we ended up sitting in my car in front of ginas talking. then at like 1:15 i left & got home at like 1:40 & my dad came out & was liek I TOLD YOU TO BE IN AT 12 YOUR AN HOUR & A HALF LATE & then went to bed. he hasnt said anything else about it though.

today i babysat & didnt get paid but glor came so it wasnt bad. & then she had to go to work & then i went to the mall with liv & now im here.

so thats all for the moment..

Posted on 2005.11.11 at 17:18
today i am feeling:: tiredtired

so i visited grandma & grandpa at the cemetary today. it still looks like it did when we were there wednesday except the stone is back in place. i went with glor since her grandparents & uncle are also there so we visited them as well. it was nice, got to say some things, to grandpa too .. i really wish that he could've lived longer for us all to meet him, & for grandma to not have alztiemers. but that would only be in a perfect world..

so then we went out to eat & then cvs & then sat in the car till glors pics were ready & sang. that was fun. & now i am here in my lonesome. gina wants to hang out but i told her i'll see.

anyway so tomrrow as of now im babysitting for annemarie. woooo. (not) i had plans but i really need money.

so thats all for now

Posted on 2005.10.30 at 13:51
today i am feeling:: awakeawake

so im driving to church for the 12:30 mass, alone thank god, cuz when i wnet diown the narrow 1 way street my mirror hit someones car but i didnt realize it at 1st, cuz i heard something but i didnt notice my mirror was like half out & pushed in, & then i saw the guy like check out the side & i got scared & kept driving. then when i was parking i noticed the mirror. i called glor cuz i needed to tell someone & she said dont worry, since i was going like 1 mph and since it did no damage to my car i doubt it did any to his but i was still kinda nervous that he'd report me or something. so all during mass i was distracted cuz i thought my car was gonna get towed. the only person i told was glor & so i am deff not telling my parents.

anyway so yea, my 1st little car-car contact lol

Posted on 2005.10.27 at 16:31
today i am feeling:: coldcold
song currently playing:: LOVE IS MADE FOR ME & YOUUU

yo dawgs. at this moment i am taking a break from my report on a famous oceanographer, Jacques-Yves Cousteau. its so easy & i am paraphrasing every line on the website lol. this year i am doing pretty good i guess, although math has gone down to a 93 & i have a feeling that it has gone down even more due to a recent test that i think i didnt do well on. i got a 23/25 on my religion summer reading essay, a 96 on my english summer reading, and an 8/10 on my encomics summer reading essay. disappointed cuz i worked hard onthat dumb essay. my grades so far, what i think, are:

english - 93
emp - 93
economics - 94
religion - 88
oceanography - 89
speech - 93
math - 93
average - 91.8571

there is a lot of 93's lol. i guess its ok. but i dunno it can change, i took like 4 tests this week so far that i didnt get back. but its still better than that monstrosity of a junior year i had. that year was my lowest average year EVER.

anyway today  i have to babysit again. two days ago i babysat for 2 hours & annemarie paid me $40! thats aweomse plus shes usually stingy. i have a vocab test tomorrow on 40 words. tomorrow is also a half day & i get out at 12 =)

anyway so yea , i need to get back to my essay.

goodbye my darlings, love the most frigid valentina <3

Posted on 2005.10.23 at 18:32
today i am feeling:: hungryhungry

so yesterday was my 1st time ever driving over a bridge. it wasnt intended. i was alone.

it all happened when i dropped victoria off at a pizzaria on forest ave. where her friends were. then erica called and said to come to academy day. so i called my dad (at this point i was in the western beef parking lot right near south ave.) and ask for directions. he gives me them but they are the kind that you give someone that knows the area & has been driving for like a million years. they were vague. so i did what he said but i got on the wrong express way. so now, im on the expressway thing going over the goethels bridge. so i pull over on this curb thing & call my dad. i am crying now cuz i never been over a bridge & i dont know what the hell to do once i cross the brige. i wasnt scared of the bridge, i was scared cuz i didnt know the way home once i crossed it. so my dad told me to calm down & then to ask the people at the toll booth if ican make a uturn & go back on the bridge since i was a new driver & i was lost. so i went over the bridge. then i get to the toll booth & the black lady in it said i wasnt allowed & i started crying again & then a young guy comes out & is like to the black lady .. WHATS THE MATTER WITH YOU? SHES UPSET and then hes like WHATS THE MATTER? & i told him & hes like OF COURSE YOU CAN TURN AROUND & then he goes to the black lady MOVE THE CONES TO LET HER THROUGH & so i made the uturn & then hes like ARE YOU OK? CALM DOWN DONT WORRY. DO YOU WANT ME TO DIRECT YOU HOME? & stuff like that & he was very nice. so i crossed the bridge & got to the academy. its very funny when you look back at it now.

last night i went to gina's work & i picked her up & then we went to her house for the night. we ordered pizza & watch that family guy movie , stewie griffin, the untold story. it was very funny but alot worse (vulgar wise) than the show. we watched drake & josh. we listened to her sister's boyfriend fight with some guy over the phone cuz he did somethign to gina's sister. then he came down & apologized & said IM SORRY GIRLS I NEVER REALLY YELL & CURSE LIKE THAT. hes a nice dude. then we drove to dunken donuts & the drive through was closed & it was pouring out & we didnt wanna get out of the car so we drove slowely back to her house. then at 12 i left & on the way home i saw my friend driving in the car next to me which is funny. she was like waving at me & beeping for like 10 mins & i didnt realize who it was & then i did haha. so we pulled over & chatted for a bit.

today i woke up at 12:22. i love it. me & my sister went for a walk to the conference house. it was fun.

tomorrow i think i am babysitting for annemarie. i hope so cuz i need $$$. oh & i also applied for a job at the plce where gina works.

so now im gonna eat some dinner.

Posted on 2005.10.22 at 10:25
today i am feeling:: bouncybouncy

so yesterday was a good day, although it started off bad:

i woke up & was SO nauseous. it was the worst during 2nd period & i couldnt sit in a classroom anymore so i sat in the mrs. nebels office. then i went to lunch & tried to eat but i was so nauseous. mr t was like COOKIE GIRL WHATS THE MATTER WITH YOU TODAY!? i love him haha. then 4th period i had a test & i feel asleep for like 15 mins which was bad & rushed to finish the test. then my teacher at the end was like VALENTINA ARE YOU OK? YOU LOOK VERY PALE ARE YOU SICK? so everyone was staring at my ugly pale face. then at locker change me glor & liv were talknig & glor said i was so pale that i looked like death haha. shes like YOU LOOK LIKE YOUR IN PAIN & YOUR MAKING ME FEEL SICK lol. but i continued on with the day. religion we had a study which was good. then in 6th i started to feel a little better and ate my bag of 100 cal cookies from lunch. then 7th i felt pretty good, though still nauseous. but its one of my favorite classes though so..

then i went home, got dressed, and drove to ginas. then alison, christina, diana, sarah & jenn came. then we went to 6 flags frieght fest =) we got there late though, at like 7:30. & it was SOO much fun / scary. some guy came up to us before we went in the park & he had an accent & was like CAN I SEE YOUR TICKET but we thought he said WANNA TAKE A PICTURE so we were like SURE & posed & he looks at us & was like NO YOUR TICKET hahaha it was funny. & then when we were going through the medal detector thing the guy kept putting his phone under it when gina walked through so it would always beep, that was funny lol. then we got in & saw some scary people & took pictures with them. the 1st one we saw was the guy with the chainsaw guy & at 1st we were just staring at him & he staring at us & then he started running toward us & it was so scary/funny. then we went on the swings. then we went on the hay ride. that was so much fun. me alison & christina had like the seats that all the scary people came on lol. they were so ontop of us that i fell on the floor of the hayride like 6 times & there was one part where i fell off my seat cuz someone was right behind me like grabbing me & then when i fell there was someone standing over me, he looked like a dementor. & then some scary guy came on & was like to alison "YOU GIRL, I KNEW I SMELLED YOU" haha & then some guy comes on & was like to me "GIVE MEYOUR HAND GIRL OR ILL GIVE YOU MINE & it was a fake limb. lol it was so funny. we screamed & fell & was so much fun. then they went on nitro but i waited on the line with them. they were like VAL YOUR LIKE OUR MOM cuz i was gonna hold all their bags, and i was giving them mints haha & then i went to the soda machine to get a drink & they didnt hear me when i told them & they were screaming VAL WHERE ARE YOU ?? VALLLL? im like RELAX DAUGHTERS IM RIGHT HERE lol. when they were on nitro some big black guy came up to me and was like SO YOUR SCARED OF RIDES TOO? and i was like NO, I HAVE A HEART CONDITION haha. then we went on the cemetary thing. it was a walk through with scary real people in it. that was scary. one of them was ON TOP of sarah & she was like almost crying it was so funny. & then we were running we were surrounded by them & they were chasing us & me and alison were on top of each other practically & we kinda fell infront of these boys haaha & they helped us up it was funny. that was a good 10 mins. then we went on this haunted house & it was so scary that we had to leave it cuz JUST FOR THE 1st SECTION, IT TOOK US 10 mins to push through to the next cuz noone wanted to be 1st & everyone wanted the middle & we were pushing each other & stuff & then we ran out the entrance haha. then we went in this cool clown fun house thing. gina & jenn sat out though. it wasnt scary it was just cool. there were people dressed as clowns. they werent scary but tehy were a little freaky. & uyou wore 3D glasses & the walls had neon paint & they were 3D. sarahs like I FEEL LIKE IM ON ACID lolol. then we walked around & took pics with other scary people, did a few more walk throughs, went on the teacups which me and sarah almost threw up from, and then had a bit to eat. then it was 11:01 & the park was closing & so sarah took a pumpkin & then we went home. even the car ride was fun. diana's dad is so cool. we were talking abotu old movies & one movie thatt  came up was ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN so i wasl ike WANNA HERE SOMETHING SAD, I HAD A CRUSH ON THAT DOG hahahaha that was very funny. lolol & her dad is a cop & he had handcuffs & i put them on cuz it was cool lol. then we got back to gina's & i drove sarah home. i really love my friends

today i have to drive vic to a pizzaria on forest ave. then tonight i have to babysit for nicolette. wooo.

well that is all for now .. <3

Posted on 2005.10.20 at 18:49
tomorrow is the day that i set the ball rolling for my future. i am applying to franklin and marshall, early decision, TOMORROW! i found out around christmas.

Posted on 2005.10.16 at 20:28
today i am feeling:: contentcontent

yo yo yo. another weekend over. it was a pretty good one i guess..

friday night me & liv saw elizabethtown. it was disappointing. the commercials made it look so much better. it was confusing, jumped around alot .. i mean the stuff with orlando (<3) & kristen dunst was cute but the stuff with his dad was weird.. i dunno i thought it would've been better. it wasnt totally bad though, it was just OK.
then we went to her house & i slept over. we watched her friends dvds lol. then the next mornign we went to the mall & then to the homecoming game & our football players are hotties lol. we won 19-0. yay. then we went out to eat & i went home.
today i did laundry all day. i brought ant home, brought bee here, & then maria came over & i helped her with her political cartoons that were ridciluously hard .. & then i drove her home & then i did laundry. then me & vic wnt to the conference house, & went on the gazebo thing. its so pretty over there.

tomorrow i have an emergency med test. i have a 96 avg in that class. i got a 77 on my stupid english thing & it ruined my avg. ugh.

anyway yea, so my plan for tonight is desperate housewives at 9 & then grey's anatomy at 10. i will be eatuing my weightwatchers fudgebar things. tootles

Posted on 2005.10.14 at 21:17

hahahahaha remember this:


Posted on 2005.10.13 at 16:52
today i am feeling:: blahblah

rain rain rain rain rain. there has been so much rain i forgot what it looks like when its sunny out. there has been like a week straight of blah weather. ugh. & theres this huge puddle on hylan that is so unavoidable & everyone has to go through it. & tomorrow's my homecoming pep rally & now it has to be in the gym & saturday is all the games. its gona me so wet & messy out there.

this morning i woke up at 7:40, & i had to pick up glor, liv & paige. noone bothered to wake me up. my mom had no school & my dad was at the hospital till 5:30 & was sleeping. so i am rushing & i didnt even bother doing my hair & so i just walked out the way i was. i got dressed & ran out the door. we got to school at like 8:10. not bad. i also had 3 tests in a row today : religion (5th prd), oceanography (6th prd) & math (7th prd). did good on math i think but blah on religion & oceanography.

now i am doing a stupid essay on teh galapagos islands hot spot. i can find NO info.

i need a job, i literally applied everywhere : the mall, all around tottenville, linins & things, bed bath & beyond, barns & noble 2498192491489 times, everywhere. what is wrong with meeee? & i need money now more than ever. i have 6 flags next week, i need new jeans, i need going out money, i need money for the ski trip.. jeezzzzz

well now i am done & i must return to my essay


no school today =)

Posted on 2005.10.12 at 11:04
today i am feeling:: hungryhungry

yesterday i had tutoring. at 7 at the verbal place off clove road. that was a fun drive, i listened to disney songs on the way cuz im a loser =) so i turn down the wrong friggen block & it was a dead end & so small & i could hardly back out of it cuz there wre cars in the way & if you drove foward youd fall in the water ahead , a lake kinda thing which i never knew was there. maybe it was the park lake. anyway i was doing good, slowly making my way out & turning & then some jerky garbage men came down the block & i was on the phone with my mom cuzi dindt know where the hell i was & itwas dark & so teh garbage men were like yelling at me so i gt off the phone with my mom & i was stressed & i opened the window & yelled OMG HOLD THE FUCK ON OK? which i was very suprised came out of my mouth, to 2 grown men, bigger then me, alone, in the dark. & they just looked at me, moved their truck & let me through lol. then i had tutoring & it ended at 830 thank god & then i went to pick up gina at her house. its off arden ave & you have to go ALLLL the way down & i went too far down & then it was the end of arden & the begnining of something else so i made a u-turn in the middle of the street haha. & then i found her house & we went to fridays & met alison & christina there. it was very fun & i love them. we are going to 6 flags on the 21st i believe, us 4, diana, sarah & daniela. & megan i thnk? i gotta see if i can go. anyway then i had to be hmoe by 12 so i drove home from fridays ALONE in the POURING RAIN in the DARK. & i was so tired i thought i was gonna fall asleep on the road haha. but i didnt. & my friends were like CALL US WHEN YOU GET HOME SO WE KNOW YOU MADE IT ALIVE lol aw. so i came home & hit the pillow & slept.

today i have ccd (i hate it) & then i have to go to the academy, & then me & liv might go to see "in her shoes" , it depends on if im allowed & gas cuz i have like none. i need to find some moola.

so yea anyway im gonna eat some breakfast. friday is the homecoming pep-rally & then sat. is the homecoming game that we will prob lose & the dance =)

Posted on 2005.10.09 at 23:24
today i am feeling:: ecstaticecstatic

Posted on 2005.10.09 at 19:55
today i am feeling:: tiredtired
song currently playing:: black eyed peas - my humps

soo yesterday was the sat which i did bad on cuz it was hard. then after me liv & glor went to lunch & then eyebrows & drove around. then we went back to livs house to get ready for the father daughter dance, my last one = ( .... it was SO much fun. we got to sing the senior song & glor won 2 raffles, & one was a basket with yankee stuff in it & she gave it to me cuz she isnt a baseball fan & knows i love yanks. & there were alot of songs & glor was like THIS IS MY SONG TO YOU for each one that had to do with like friends & people she loves & stuff. aw. i love us all<3

this morning me & vic went for a drive (I LOVE DRIVING) & so we decided to go to the conference house & walk around & go on that dock thing. then we came home & lauren & paul & aunt joann & uncle vincent came over. it was nice. & omg .. MARIA READ THIS: i was playing with the baby (laurens) on the piano & she kept pulling the cover down  & then it fell on her tiny hand & she started screaming. it was so baddddddddddddddddd. i was so like embarrassed i didnt go near the baby much after that. haha & thank god it was at the end of the night.

tomorrow i have an interview at fairfield. then when icome home im going out to eat with glor & liv &then after livs drviing lesson we are gonna go to the cafe & study for economics.

my brother & dad are at a yankee gmae cuz a niehgbor had 2 extra tickets. NOT fair.

Posted on 2005.10.07 at 21:19
SAT tomorrow!

Posted on 2005.10.02 at 11:17
today i am feeling:: hungryhungry
hello darlings! yesterday was a very crazy day. 1st me & poppa went to gettysburg at 6am for a 10am interview. it went well .. then we went out to eat & then drove home & listened to the yankee game (most of it). then we got home at 3:30 & watched the rest of the yankee game & THEY CLINCHED THE DIVISION!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK GOD & THANK YOU CLEVLAND FOR LOSING & WHITE SOX FOR BEATING THEM!!!! WOOOO. that was a joyous moment. then i picked up liv (she bought me a little thing for my car, its an angel clip that holds pics or papers & stuff & it says like "friends will guide you through safe travels or something)& we drove to the mall & i got lost cuz i went on the west shore instread of the richmond parkway so i got off at woodrow & we asked 4 people for directions & one person we asked was a biker who was like 50 (there was liek a bikefest going on) & he told us (wrong directions) & hes like IF YOU GIRLS CANT FIND IT, COME BACKK & HANG OUT. that was funny/gross. so then we finally found it cuz the guy we asked next was very good with directions, & by then we were like 3 seconds away from the mall. & then we saw a car in front of us with the jesus fish symbol in the car & we thanked jesus & the angel pin & then got to the mall after like an hour & a half. & when we plugged out the ipod adapter, the hiden station was like a catholic one & it was like HAIL MARY so we thanked her too. so we went & i didnt buy anything but i applyed to a job at yankee candle. then kristen came & we followed her to the annadale diner & we ate & then we went bowling for a few hours & played in the arcade & i won the jackpot on that thing where you hit the button when its on jackpot. then we played like 394892895845 games of skeeball. for bowling, i suck & my highest score was like a 40 haha. kris was good. that was a very fun time lol & then we went back to liv's & then at like 1 we went home. now, i have to clean my room today. blah. i shall have more later, CONGRATS YANKEES

Posted on 2005.09.28 at 11:09
today i am feeling:: ecstaticecstatic



--more later, cuz now i have to eat cuz im famished, and then off to school to tell everybody!


september 28th is the best day of my life!

Posted on 2005.09.25 at 18:17
today i am feeling:: lazylazy
hi doodieballs.

today was the dickinson interview. i think it went very well & it was nice since it was in starbucks & i had my delicious hot chocolate. the lady was very nice, i was very suprised that she was black, not that it matters, but i wasn't expecting that. she made me want to go to dickinson more then i did prior to the interview. we were there for like 1.5 hours lol.

also we saw this girl there (starbucks) who looked EXACTLY like nina from 24 & my dad is convinced its her. it probably was. but i dunno, what would she be doing at starbucks in the city alone .. i dunno, i guess it was her, i mean she looked like nina exactly, so it probably was. it was really funny cuz all 3 of us were staring at her lol.

then i came home & we drove to tutroing , couldnt find the place & came home. then i did like 6 hours of homework. blah. but i need to do extremely well this year or i will be doomed & end up at csi.

tomorrow i need to write my essay. "do you think we should sell oil to other countries" thats an english topic. i say NO, actually i dont really care but my parents say no & so i will go with that.

soo yea, another college filled weekend .. & thats all cuz i dont feel like typing anymore.

Posted on 2005.09.24 at 19:22
hey doodleballs. it is I once more..

wow im boredddd .. cuz i cant go out again tonight cuz i have the appointment tomorrow & i gotta get up at like .. the crack of dawn. isnt that just DELIGHTFULLLLLLLL! im tired anyway & at 8 PM im gnna watch the 2nd aladdin movie, the return of jafar cuz i love that one & havent seen it since i was like .. young, since it 1st came on tape (which i cant find =( ..) so yea, i have a date with aladdin tonight. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. & also, i am learning little mermaid's "part of your world" on the piano cuz i like it & plus i need more songs in my repertiore cuz i only have 1 finished one cuz i am a stink bomb & dont finish anything but this one i am cuzi LIKE IT & then i will finish a whole new world <- see i started that like months ago & just strayed away from it but soon im gonna learn the whole thing. i love piano. thank god franklin & marshal gives piano lessons & has pianos that you can play whenever & im gonna have one in my dorm, a key board. cuz its such a good destresser.

so now im gonna shut my huge trap & take a shower & get in my pjams & begin my night with aladdin. =)

peaceout shitwads

Posted on 2005.09.24 at 17:18
today i am feeling:: tiredtired

soooooooo college interview #2 was today. at franklin & marshal. i love it there so much. i think i might do early decision there. cuz if i dont i probably wont get in. but yea i can so see myself there. the interview went very well today i think. the lady was so nice & it was so comfortable. i guess since it wasn't my first, i was less nervous & knew what to expect. & their study abroad program is just what im looking for, since i deffinitly wanna go abroad more than once.

tomorrow is the dickinson interview & its in manhattan at starbucks which is really cool, but too bad i dont really wanna go there, but whatever. & then i have sat class 12-4. joy. next week is the gettysburg interview. & then i think i have lafayette, muhlenberg, fairfield & i believe thats all. thank god the others dotn require interviews.

anyway, thats basically all i have to say for the moment .. except HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DARLING COCKYBALL ERICA WHO I LOVE & MISS <3


end. (lol)

Posted on 2005.09.16 at 19:06

me liv & kris went to the mall today to buy an outfit for my 1st college interview ever, which is at skidmore, tomorrow, & i am very nervous & thats all i have to say

Posted on 2005.09.13 at 19:46
today i am feeling:: draineddrained

hi people. today was a great day. we sat with the italians at lunch & alot of the girls were jealous & they kept coming over to us & saying to the italians "TOMORROW YOU CAN SIT WITH US" i was like NO LOSERS GET AWAY! & we told timmy to tell the italians to stay whre they are cuz all the other girls are blah lol. so we have found out that they live in bay ridge, they are a year older then us, they moved here september 2nd & they like it & they say my name very hot-ly lol. i hope we sit with them tomorrow & the jerk girls dont get them.

anyway the rest of the day was good. i have such an awesome seat in religion. i have a ton of homework & i just finished, & i got home at 2. jeeez. im so tiredddd lol. my fave classes so far are english & math. my fave teachers aer also of those subjects. my science teacher is cool too though but gave us too much homework.

tomorrow i have mike at 4 & tutoring at 7. joy

well thats about it..

i need to pass my next road test cuz if i dnt im gonna just die.

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