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so prom = 9 days
dress - check
dress altering - need to do!
afterprom outfit - check & its so cute
seaside clothes - i could use more
hairappointment - check
makeup - check
shoes - kindof check

now the expenses:
$45 - afterprom - check
$150 - prom ticket - check
$200 - limo - gina didnt collect yet
$65 - makeup - will pay that day
$112-$200 depending on who deffinitly goes for hotel - still need to do
$250 - spending money at seaside
$70 - hair
$50 - nails, toes, eyebrows

i think i covered it .. prom is so freakin expensive man! ughhh lol
but i cant wait
i hope he comes to seaside<3
as of now its an i dont know but he told me & gina he really wanted to go
i hope he does like you have no idea

anyway yea so prom haspretty much been the thing on my mind.

im sick today & yesterday .. fevers & throat cold. wooohoooo =) lol i like being sick for some reason but i miss the poeple at school cuz i love them

i hope taylor gets kicked off idol

im listening to aol radio & nick lachey's insanely sexy voice is singing whats left of me<3 jessica you are an idiot cuz he is amazing<3

as you can see im bored & ranting & being random but i find it quite funny

grey's anatomy season finale = OMG! when does it come back on cuz i cant wait! it was just so omg!! & i think i am in love with alex more than ever. & george really grew up .. i love him too .. but yea omg it was just amazing
24 - season finale is next week ,should be amazing cuz this season was just also omg amazing thrilling frustrating awesome
lost - season finale i believe 2 weeks from now - read above, cuz same applies
house - same as above, but i think finale is 2 weeks from now too
desperate housewives - eh.. season finale next week but this season was eh
o.c. - compared to greys, house, 24 & lost, its like a baby show haha but  i still love it
american idol - if taylor wins i will die
yea i am a loser & watch a lot of nitetime tv. but i love it so .. so what

i watch 2 soaps too. passions & all my children. i love them
i hope i can watch all these shows in college. cuz i dont want to not watch them. i will go out after or tape them haha. wow i am a true tv-fanatic. but i like to watch tv. is that a crime? i mean im not a hermit loser that sits in the house .. i only watch tv at night on weeknights when i cant go out anyway & wheni come home from school for like an hour so.. whats the big deal. tivo has been a big part of my watching-tv-more-often-ness. but i love it. its like i can escape to wherever they are. i like that feeling. sometimes i want to get away from reality. reading does that for me too.  & you know what i am a nerd & am proud

in other news .. yankees are simply amazing because:
they were down 9-0, then down 10-5, than caught up & then lost it again & were trailing 12-11 & then won it 14-13 cuz they are so amazing & jeter hit a 3 run homer, a double & other hits & he is so amazing & the epitome of how the game should be played. what a hotass <3 lol & omg mussina deserves a <3. hes like their best pitcher at the moment. RANDY JOHNSON YOU ARE NOT GOOD RIGHT NOW. matsui come back i miss you. bernie & posada & mo <3 damon i think is cute =) a-a-rod annoys me ..not gonna lie .. bubba crosby is also a cutie ..
in college i cant wait to watch the baseball games with the guys. ahh thats gonna be fun! & i hope i have some redsox fans as friends so we can rival! wooo! & i hope im the only girl who likes baseball so i can have the boys to myself haha but that wont happen.

anyway i cant wiat to start working (even if it is at sia camp, 5 days a week getting up at the crack of dawn) cuz i saw mucho things at jcrew & gap that i want now! & i cant wait to spend my own moola.

im not listening to aol radio anymore cuz i got a sudden urge for frank sinatra so now my favorite song of him is on - too marvelous for words =) such an old soal i am. yay for that. the other day good vibrations was on the radio & my friend was like "who sings this" & im like OMG YOUR FREAKIN JOKING RIGHT? but she wasnt. im like ITS THE BEACH BOYS YOU IDIOT - & the other day ticket to ride came on the radio & thats one of my favorite beatles songs & my friends were like WHO & WHAT IS THIS!? im like OMG YOU STUPID HEADS! i was like insulted that my friends didnt know them lol .. jeez. & they never heard strawberry fields forever, my other favorite beatles song .. but kristen has & she loves the beatles like me & on the way to the play every weekend we'd lsiten to them in the car. i love kristen lots. & liv. they are awesome.

i've got youuu under my skin is on now.. ive got you deep in the heart of meeeeee so deep in my heart that your really apart of meeeee .. ive got youuuuuuu under my skin<3 haha

anyway yea i will stop this ranting & will go on to bigger & better things. 

or voire =)
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i love the cast sea's les mis so much & i had the most amazing 2 weekends & the 2nd isnt over yet & i dont want it to be & i love everyone & i wish it could go on forever!

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sooo .. last night i got sick at gina's & then felt better & then got sick here  & hten went to sleep. i think i know the cause of that. cuz i've been feeling nauseous the past few days. actually i think its "causes" cuz there could be 2 things.

so i cant wiat till college lets out already! for summer break. ugh i need that too happen very soon. i also need prom/seaside to come. or i will go insane from sickness over here lol.

i need something to occupy my mind with other then these thoughts. ugh i cant get them out of my head for 1 second. i fall asleep thinking of this thought, wake up thinking of this thought, & spend the day thinking of this thought. i need help. actually no .. cuz this is the 1st time i think i felt like .. this strong ughhhhhhhh i have met the one who got me to really like someone. 

& i know nothing will happen cuz my luck with these sorts of things is either bad or nonexistent. & plus we are all 'loved' (he says that alot oll .. how he loves us) as friends lol. so .. but you know i really love hanging out with him as a friend too... ughhh this is frustrating. lol so thats all =\
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wow i hate liking people a lot that its all you think about.
i hate it that your probably the only one with the liking between the 2 people.
i hate that he is everything that i want & probably wont like me beyond our friendship, which i love.

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so my great, amazing, awesome, best friends who i all love .. got me (& them but for me as a suprise), for my birthday, TICKETS TO TRL!!!!!!!!  i cant wait & im so excited & i love my friends<3333333

well this was just to appreciate (& slightly brag about .. hehe i cant resist, sorry guys) my birthday & friends =)


my poor david radford got voted off tonight! im so sad! he was my favorite male! ahhhhhhhh i miss him already =(
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i decided to give up carbs for lent. besides giving this up for Jesus, i am giving it up for myself. i did it for 2 weeks over the summer but now this is for 40 days & the only thing that i know will get me through is that it is for Jesus & heaven (the results are not enough, sadly) i know that sounds so stupid & whatever but for some reason knowing that i am giving up something i really love for lent makes me want to do it.

so yea between no carbs & 3-4 days a week at the gym, by easter i will be nice & skinny hopefully.

p.s. my friends think they wanna do it to but i have a feeling that christina will be the only one comeing close to sticking with it (besides me, & im sticking with it!)

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wow what a nighttttttttt!!

last night we made plans to drink & we were havin poeple over & everything. we were gonna go to ali's dad's house since he wasnt home. so we are all there & then she comes & says she cant find the key. so now its me christina gina ali & daniela & then 8 boys. so we go to the huose & the boys .. ok they CLIMB up the side of the house to a window & try to open the window. & all the while we are standing there laughing & omg-ing cuz the house is on arthur kill & people could see this. so we dont get in but we go to ali's mom's house. so we are there & we start drinking & we play circle of death & never have i ever & some weird dart game. so now we are drunk. not wrecked drunk but pretty drunk. well 1 kid was wrecked drunk. so 1st off all the boys were trying to touch our boobs & decide they like mine the best so i was the target for the night. it was real annoying. & then chibo (boy) tried to get me to flash them but i didnt. so then we were all sitting on the couch & it was danny gina christina stripes (<- thtas what i caled him since he had stripes on his shirt) & me were alll squished on one couch laughing, talking, jumping on each other .. it was fun. & stripes said i had beautiful eyes <3 haha & danny was hot & he was teaching me those boy handshakes but i dont really remember them. & then sarah, tom, jenn & 2 of her friends stopped by & laughed at me gina & chris lol & then we went outside & we were just messing aruond out there & having fun & then ali's brother came out & yelled at us really bad so we went in & then the 5 of us that were on the couch went back on it & went back to talking & laughing <- that was fun & then ali said that her mom was coming home & that the boys had to leave but i think it was a lie cuz her brother probably wanted them out & plus the mom didnt come home till like an hour later. so we went outside & hugged the boys goodbye .. & then since stripes came separate we sat in his car for like 2 hours & just talked & sobered up. he is a very laid back dude. as is danny. so then we had to go inside & then we fell asleep on the couch at like 5 am lol

at 9 i drove gina to work & plus we had to leave cuz ali & chris had dance. so now i am here, slightly hung over =)

& oh what a fun night it was

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so yesterday me gina christina jenn ali & her boyfriend all went to see annapolis (me & christina's 2nd time) james franco is beautiful. then after that we went our separate ways cuz ali, her b/f & chris had to go home. so me gina & jenn went to go get some ice cream but coldstone & carvel were closed so we went to the dunkin donuts by the atrium drivethrough. they got allll our orders screwed up but whatever. so then we see these kids. they were maybe no older than 15 or 16. so its like 10 so we decide to have fun with them lol. so we go park on the opposite side & i poked my head out of the sunroof & screamed. i was like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. so then they come over & the fat kid lifted up his shirt. gross. & was like you like fat kids ? i have a small penis. ew. lol so we were all laughing cuz we were wondering why we were bothering with these weirdos. so one of them goes you 2 girlls in the front (me & gina) are deffinitly on something. & i was like BINGO lolol & hes like you got anymore & i was like NO WE SOLD THE REST lolol & then i was like SORRY BOYS WE GOTTA RUN WE ARE ON A TIGHT SCHEDULE lol so we went to get gas & then we had to go back to the dunkin donuts drivethrough to get ginas family stuff so they came back & we were laughing at everythjing they said so they were like FINE WE DONT WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU GUYS ANYMORE & i gave  him like a bitch face (i was kidding)  & they were like NO NO WAIT IM SO SORRY I DIDNT MEAN IT & i was like SURE so we drove to the exit & they jumped the fence & came to my car & the fat one lifted his shirt again & was like touch it & i rolled up the window & drove away. it was funny. then we went back to ginas & then jenn left & i slept over & we watched the food network bread challange (so amazing & saturday night was the bday cake one, also amazing) cuz she has foodnetwork on demand & then we watched like 8 sex & the city episodes since she has hbo on demand. & then we had some very serious / good talks. & then at like 530 we finally went to bed.

so yea tomorrow is back to school. blah. & i need new notebooks. & im going to eat cuz im famished

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